Sanshin Data Center

In order to support customer IT strategy in the advent of the cloud era, we strive to realize stable operation of IT infrastructure at high-reliability and high-performance facilities, while also providing even greater added value.

It is no exaggeration to state that security measures for protecting information assets will be the top priority in future corporate activities. Another important element is environmental solutions such as power supply and a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in times of disaster.

The Sanshin Data Center solves these issues by providing comprehensive services ranging from surveying, evaluation and consulting for optimization with the customer environment to system construction, operation and maintenance.

Principle Services

  • Housing service
  • Housing (1 rack, 1/2 rack, 1/4 rack)
  • Shared rack
  • Cloud computing services
  • IaaS model, SaaS model
  • System integration
  • Support for construction of networks/circuits
  • Operation and maintenance
  • System surveillance
  • Onsite operation
  • Remote operation support
  • Security surveillance

Other solutions