Semiconductors and electronic components are growing increasingly diverse. In the pursuit of a more affluent, fulfilling society, demand is rising for improvements in automobile safety, management of electricity, gas and other energy sources, and other enhancements to the social infrastructure.

To serve the diverse needs of its many customers, the Sanshin Electronics Group offers an extensive lineup of products from manufacturers in Japan and other countries. Our technical support and sales network delivers devices in the optimum form to serve each customer's requirements.


List of Our Suppliers

The Sanshin Electronics Group sells semiconductors and electronic parts produced by manufacturers in Japan and overseas. The Group also provides turnkey solutions in cooperation with module manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us regarding any products that interest you.

  • STMicroelectronics A major, comprehensive semiconductor manufacturer located in Europe. Handles semiconductor products for a wide variety of applications.
  • Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited Handles a wide variety of connectors, user interfaces, solutions (operation-switcher assemblies, touch-panel monitors, etc.), motion sensors and controllers (resolvers).
  • TOKIN Corporation Handles various condensers, magnetic devices and sensors.
  • Tianma Japan, Ltd. Handles video-display equipment such as color and black-and-white LCD modules.
  • EM Devices Corporation Handles various miniature signal relays and miniature power relays.
  • ITT Cannon, Ltd. Handles a wide array of connectors (including round, square, circuit-board and coaxial) for energy devices, medical devices, industrial equipment and AV equipment.
  • JEPICO Corporation Handles analog ASIC and mixed signal ASIC, as a custom specialized fabless manufacturer.
  • Braveridge Co., Ltd. Supports various ODMs from design to mass production with the main module of wireless module(BLE, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN) and communication terminal.
  • KEC CORPORATION. A non-memory and analog semi-conductor manufacturer in South Korea with over 50 years of history in business. Offering a wide-ranging lineup such as BJT, diodes, MOSFET, IGBT, and IC products.
  • ABOV Semiconductor Co., Ltd A semiconductor maker without its own fabrication facilities which designs and sells micro controllers. In addition to general-use 32-bit MCU units based on 8-bit and ARM core technology, the company also provides motors, sensors, power units, and BLE & connectivity solutions.
  • Telechips Inc. Telechips is one of the world's leading fabless semiconductor companies in system-on-chip (SoC) and microcontroller (MCU) products for connectivity and multimedia products, with a focus on automotive products.
    It provides not only semiconductor products, but also development environments and advanced security solutions.

Support Framework

Providing manufacturing companies with best supports through our solutions

Product Proposal Capability

Our sales representative provide close customer support, while our service engineers provide dedicated assistance for each product group. Accurate understanding of customers' needs enables us to propose the best possible products.

Assured Technological Support
Through partnerships with device manufacturers and design houses, Sanshin Electronics has built a powerful and effective support framework, offering Technological Support in the optimum form for each customer.

Development suppport for customers

Delivery of development environments and related support and consulting.

Joint development with customers

From preparation of device secifications to completion of development.

Acceptance of development contract from the customer

After determination of device specifications: Completion of development.

Support for global deployment

Through a network linking Japan, Asia ex-Japan and North America, we support our customers' global deployment in a wide variety of ways.

  • Logistical support
  • Production support through electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers
  • Overseas development support
  • Introduction of products from overseas manufacturers
  • Compliance with quality/environmental standards, etc.