Message from the President

代表取締役 社長執行役員(COO) 鈴木 俊郎 代表取締役 社長執行役員(COO) 鈴木 俊郎

Sanshin Electronics Group believes that deepening mutual understanding with a wide range of stakeholders and developing together with them will lead to sustainable enhancement of corporate value.

In May 2024, the Group established a new long-term corporate vision and set key tasks to achieve it. We will earnestly address these challenges.

Representative Director, COO 鈴木 俊郎


Significance of Existence (Mission)

We explore new possibilities of technology and contribute to the enrichment of people's lives and the development of society.

Long-term goals of the company(Vision)

A company that hones its people, technology, and wisdom to become the best partner for solving customers' problems.

A company that supports comfortable and enriched lifestyles by protecting people's safety and security.

A company that connects a sustainable global environment to the future.

A company where all employees can work with pride and satisfaction and experience growth and happiness

Values to be cherished(Value)

Corporate Code


Business cannot succeed without trust.
It begins and ends with trust.


Do not just pursue profit,
But act based on principles.
which can be realized Through self-discipline


Always act sincerely.
Rise to the challenge head-on.

Corporate Standards

Sanshin Electronics Group establishes these Activity Standards with a view to being a socially responsible company earing the trust of society as a whole. Our executives and employees are bound by them.

  • We offer products and services that can contribute to the creation of a rich-and varied society through our business.
  • We comply with the legal code and conduct business through fair and transparent transactions.
  • We respect employee individuality, maintaining a working environment that treats them equally in accordance with the law.
  • All employees strive to develop self-discipline and conduct responsible action in line with laws and corporate rules.
  • We offer the fair and timely disclosure of corporate information.
  • We recognize the importance of personal information and control and operate it strictly.
  • We respect basic human rights in all business and eliminates all forms of discrimination and infringement of human rights.
  • We are committed to ensuring diversity in our human resources.
  • We consider the global and local environment in business activities.
  • We do not engage in relationship with antisocial forces.