Corporate Information

Device BusinessSupport Framework

In addition to an extensive product lineup, Sanshin Electronics can provide services from marketing information on Japan and overseas to leading-edge technology consulting. This proposal capability, plugged in closely to the production floor, is one of the defining characteristics of Sanshin Electronics.

Product Proposal Capability

Our sales representative provide close customer support, while our service engineers provide dedicated assistance for each product group. Accurate understanding of customers' needs enables us to propose the best possible products.

Assured Technological Support

Through partnerships with device manufacturers and design houses, Sanshin Electronics has built a powerful and effective support framework, offering Technological Support in the optimum form for each customer.

Development Support

We provide application software, middleware, driver software and other peripheral technologies and tools, contributing directly to improving the speed and efficiency of customers' product-development processes.

Joint Development

We work with device manufacturers from the planning stages of customers' product-development efforts, working jointly with customers to reach a successful completion.

Development under Contract

Sanshin Electronics develops software, LSIs and other technologies under contract, drawing on the Company's store of development technology, experience and strong partnerships with design houses.

Technological Support System

Support for global deployment

Through a network linking Japan, Asia ex-Japan and North America, we support our customers' global deployment in a wide variety of ways.

  • Logistical support
  • Production support through electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers
  • Overseas development support
  • Introduction of products from overseas manufacturers
  • Compliance with quality/environmental standards, etc.